Mr. Advocate Mohammad Siddique Ullah Miah is the founder of the firm. He has an experience a lot of years in the field of litigation with varied subjective knowledge in multiple fields of Law. He has the experience of working with some of the top lawyers and law firms of the country. He has tremendous grasp of corporate legal complexities and has keen interest in laws relating to all sort of corporate transactions. He has been instrumental in managing the firm and its clients for some leading corporate. His Forte lies in the field of Corporate Law Litigation and Corporate Law Consultancy. and represents clients in various matters arising out of filing original application, securitization application, appeals, writs, objection petition, property matters, recovery suits, criminal matters, matrimonial disputes, Labour disputes etc in different forums/courts .

In the firm, he also practices as corporate advisor, regulatory practice and commercial/criminal litigation. His forte lies in the area of advising foreign exchange derivative contracts/transactions disputes. At present, under his guidance, the firm is dealing in several cases arising out of derivative transactions before the different courts.

His expertise transcends the varied areas of civil and service matter, which includes including real estate sector, private and public businesses, charitable and non-profit organisations, educational institutions, government entities, municipalities, public utilities and individuals. the Real Estate Laws, Commercial Transactions, Company Matters and the Personal Laws.

He has wide experience in adjudication of debt recoveries by and against Bankers, Financial Institutions, Non Banking Finance Companies and has been successfully running programmes with various banks in reducing their Non- performing assets. He has appeared as petitioners lawyer of Reg. Primary school teacher appointment matter, Pool teacher appointment and pool teacher appointmet matter etc.