We, at Sidique Ullah Miah & Associates, represent causes for public good. A commitment to public service has always been deeply ingrained in our firm culture. Our lawyers have been instrumental in the start-up of organizations created to provide legal services to those in need.

“Public interest Litigation”, in simple words, means, litigation filed in a court of law, for the protection of “Public Interest”, such as pollution, Terrorism, Road safety, constructional hazards etc.

PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION is not defined in any statute or in any act. It has been interpreted by judges to consider the intent of public at large. Although, the main and only focus of such litigation is only “Public Interest” there are various areas where a PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION can be filed. For e.g.

1. Violation of basic human rights of the poor.

2. Content or conduct of government policy.

3. Compel municipal authorities to perform a public duty.

4. Violation of religious rights or other basic fundamental rights.